Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Speedy Sparks Review

Nicholas Sparks is that romantic novelist, whom just about every girl dreaming of a fairytale romance is irrevocably in love with his stories. However, are his novels really as good as they are thought to be? In this post, I am going to offer my opinion on all of his books which I have read, in a fun and interesting way(I hope!). I am going to write my mini-review in 10 words or less- but bot including the title, that would be impossible. By the way, most of the reviews will not be grammatically correct because that are written in note form in order to fit them within the word limit This should be a challenge...

Okay, let's begin:

The Notebook; Tragic, romantic and tragic romantic, but didn't surpass the hype.

The Last Song; Touching story which highlights romantic and family issues. Moved me.

The Lucky One; Predictable, but I understood the characters and their development. Cute.

Safe Haven; Worrying due to abuser in the plot. Nonetheless still satisfactory.

Dear John; Atrocious and unromantic. The characters and plot are extremely dull.

A Walk To Remember; Cute but very sad. Liked storyline; last paragraph annoyed me.

Nights In Rodanthe; Romantic but too short, and little character development.

At First Sight; Very controlling character irritated me, plot was just quite annoying.

Message In A Bottle; Slightly confusing and mysterious. Cute and romantic eventually.

This is purely my own opinion. Have you read any of his books? If you want a more elaborated review of any of these books, let me know. Or write a review and leave a link in the comments, I'd love to read it.

Jenny xx