Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Song For Springtime

Good Evening Everyone! How are you? I had a hectic morning on Sunday because I had no idea that the clocks were going forward! I was awake at 11am, but it was actually 12, and so I was late for work, Eek! my boss didn't mind though, hehe.

What music is everyone listening to these days? I remember the good old days when S Club and Steps were the height of cool! I heart S Club; apparently they're having a reunion tour,YAY! Recently I have updated my music library, and these are the songs that have been stuck in my head the most. Inside my head it is like a constant disco- I'm always replaying one song or another. I have decided to transfer my head songs into your head, enjoy!

Drive By, by Train

We Owned The Night, by Lady Antebellum

A Nova Vida, Musical Score for Breaking Dawn Part 1, by Carter Burwell

Let me know some of your favourite songs do that I can check them out. Happy Listening!
Jenny xx