Monday, 12 March 2012

Kinda Obsessed; My Favourite Times

Hi beauties! I hope you are feeling great today; I certainly am. I am very happy because it is my favourite time!

At first I could not decide what to call this blog post. I thought long and hard, but I couldn't find a collective word for what I wanted to write. Well, time pretty much sums it up. I have a favourite day, month and season, an I thought I would share them with you guys.

So, my favourite day... My favourite day of the week is actually Tuesday. Just look at the word, isn't it wonderful; the spelling, the way it sounds, I love it. I love the way that the 'u' and the 'e' fit next to each other. Two of the same, vowels, right there together. Much like I enjoy looking at the French word for Sister: Sœur. The 'œ' is so cool, I am a bit obsessed. Anyone who has read The Wolves of Mercy Falls series' will know that the protagonist, Sam, also thinks thy Tuesdays are awesome, but I liked them the best even before reading the books. I also enjoy that Tuesday is not the start of the week but not the middle or end. It has no real place, really. Sometimes I feel like that, that me and Tuesday match up, but then I remember that I am middle child and i know that I am in the middle, not no-where (I'm convinced that I have Middle Child Syndrome!). But despite Tuesday not having a place, I do think that the word and the day is are light hearted, airy and open, like the vowels in the middle of it.

Going in order of size, I guess that my favourite month comes next. This was an easy choice because it's my birthday month; May. I like for many reasons. First, it's my birthday month(there is always a preference to tour birthday month!). Second, I love the climate. Living in England, o know the climate is really bad and unpredictable, and when it is predicted, it is often rain, which bums me out. However, in May the weather is normally nice; not as cold as February and March, but not as hot as it can get in July and August. The weather is perfect for going down to the river, or walking the nearby trails or villages (there are a quite number). May just seems to have it all!

And that only leaves one time left, my favourite season. I don't really think that it counts as a 'time' frame, but I didn't know what else it would be. Anyway, my absolute favourite season is the Spring. Even the word looks cute.
I adore the way that the blossoms begin to bloom(there is a really cute tree a few doors down from me, and I smile every time I pass it), and the clouds begin to dissipate. I especially like driving past a pasture where baby lambs are walking(or stumbling- they are too cute!) after being spring babies. Also, I have the added bonus of being born in the springtime, which adds definite appeal to the season. I just can't get enough of spring- I wish it were extended so that it was all year.

Do you have a favourite day, month or season? Leave a response in the comments and I will see if you can sway me ...

Have a great rest of your week, and Happy Tuesday!
Jenny xx