Saturday, 10 March 2012

Kinda Obsessed; My Style Icon

Hello to my lovely readers! How are you today? In my next few posts I am going to be writing a Mini-Series on things that am Kinda Obsessed about at the moment, like books, make up, designers, or in this case, Olivia Palmero, my style icon. I am going to share my style icon secrets with you today(well, its not really a secret who my style icon is).

But what is it exactly, to be a style icon?
Who knows, but in my mind, Olivia Palmero is pretty damn close! I would consider Olivia Palmero to be my style icon; I admire her outfits, her hair, her grace and just her general style. Olivia's style just has that certain je ne sais quoi which is oh so appealing and beautiful, although I think that the universe has been extremely kind to her, she would probably look great in a bin bag!

There are a few things which I have noticed about Olivia's style that keep appearing in every photo I see her in, these things are her signature, one could say. I love the fact that she has the ability to combine simple and understated garments in neutral yet girly colours and look amazing. She takes classic items, like jeans or a mac and develops a whole new, stylish an innovative outfit from them.

I also love that she carries a leather bag with her, all-the-time! I am kinda obsessed with leather handbags at the moment (ahh, if only I could afford a real leather one...), I think that they really tie an outfit together. Olivia has many different bag that I have seen her wear out, and each of them works with her outfit to make her look chic and ├╝ber stylish.

I like the way that she combines textures in an outfit. Often she wears faux fur, or wet look items and she matches them with contrasting garnets that work together in a way that almost shouldn't, but does. I also idolise the ability that she has to transform everything she wears into the symbolism of femininity and grace.

I do wish that someday my style is good enough to be admired by one other person, like I'm admiring Olivia Palmero's because then I will have achieved my goal in life ; to inspire people with my personal style(I want to go into fashion journalism). Olivia Palmero, you have inspired me.

Jenny xx