Monday, 26 March 2012

Phenomenal Photograpy

Hey girlies! How are you all today?
Sorry for the cringe-tastic title, but in today's post I am going to share some of the best photography that I have ever seen. Of course I have seen hundreds of photos, and perhaps some of the highlights are the ones where sentimentality is encased within the pixels, but all these photos are equally special. I have come to love photography more and more in the last few years, probably because I actually have a camera now! I adore how it is possible to capture a moment, and preserve it for even just a little while longer.

So, without further ado, here are some amazingly artsy and creative shots, they are truly the epitome of phenomenal photography. Personally, my favourite of the photos is the one of the couple kissing in the rain. I have always wanted to be kissed in the rain. This ideal has most likely come from listening to too many taylor Swift songs (Fearless, for example, features the rainy kisses). Maybe one day...

Have a fabulous Tuesday tomorrow, and if you have any favourite photos, or want to share some of your own photography, Please leave a response below! I would also like to know which one of these photos is tour favourite? Are you romantic like me, or do you prefer the glitter? Thanks for dropping by,

Jenny xx

(This post is mainly pictures, I you do not like that sort of thing then I apologise, but it was requested several times. The photos have been obtained via Google and photo sharing websites, and I do not claim to own any of them.)