Wednesday, 21 March 2012

In The Mood To Inspire

Hello everyone! How are y'all? I hope that your week has started well.
My post about Mylo Xyloto was the last in my mini-series on what I'm majorly obsessed with at the moment. Please leave a comment if you would like me to do more mini-series on my blog, an feel free to request any posts you'd like to see me write.

So, recently, some people might have been feeling down, or just a bit confused as to where their going(metaphorically, of course). I decided to write this post for my close friend who has been feeling that way for a bit now. I just want her, and everyone else out there to know that there is always something to be inspired by, or be inspired to do, or a chance to become an inspiration. Even if you are merely stressed out about exams(just breathe!) or struggling at something simple, we all need some inspiration, which is exactly why I compiled my favourite inspirational ditties and quotes to motivate you. I know, I know, they're all a bit cliché and cringy, but everyone needs cringe once in a while.

My favourite of the quotes is the one by George Elliot;
"Its never too late to be go you might have been"
I find that by just reading this quote once, it provides the motivation I need to feel a desire to push myself forward, and always pursue my goals.

I really do wish that these quotes may bring you some inspiration on a darker day, and a reminder that it only goes up from here.

Jenny xx