Thursday, 1 March 2012

All that glitters isn't gold; it's PINK!

 Hello to my lovely readers, how are you today?

I had an mediocre day, nothing too exciting, but nothing that made me super depressed! However, when I got back home after going out this morning, I was in the mood to try something that I have wanted to do for ages; Glitter Lips! After being inspired by a photo on Tumblr I wanted to try out this look for myself, and I must say that I am quite happy with the results.

To achieve this look, I applied the Barry M Touch of Magic Lipstick which turns to a hot pink on the alkali of my lips, followed by a clear gloss and I then patted some pink body glitter onto my lips with my fingers. If you wanted to replicate the look, any hot pink shade of lipstick would do, or you could even experiment with a different shade of lipstick and glitter altogether.

I think that this look would be really gorgeous on New Years Eve, or a special party, but not on a date if you're planning to smooch! The way that the glitter catches the light is simply stunning, and I can bet that you'll catch everyone's eye if you do decide to give it a go. I certainly enjoyed wearing the glitter because it made me feel very confident and girly, and even my friend commented that I looked like a princess!

I hope you like the results if try it out, and leave a comment to tell me what you thought!Have a nice Friday tommorow and speak to you soon, Jenny xx

(just a little side-note, I took the images myself, and if you like this sort of post let me know and I'll try and keep them up! xx)