Friday, 27 July 2012

Get the Gossip; Butterfinger Cake, Mixing Lipsticks and more...

Hey everyone! Its time for this weeks 'Get the Gossip'. Here are the best things that I have found this very week;

Doesn't this recipe for Butterfinger Cake look delicious! It also looks really simple to make, especially since you don't even need to bake it.The image is from here. I think that this cake would be really nice for a summer dinner party because it is a chilled desert, not a hot pudding, which is more wintry. However, I'm sure that this cake would be delicious any time of the year.

I didn't really find this on the internet, but it was so weird that I knew I just had to share it. Basically, the other day some friends and I were cooking marshmallows over a barbecue, and we had some spare marshmallows, so I decided to put one in the microwave. Well, I really wasn't expecting the marshmallows to blow up like a balloon! it literally grew to triple the size! It was so weird and unexpected, I can't believe that I had never done it before! You have to try it.

Here is an interesting article on how to mix lipsticks to create a new shade that's perfect for you. this trick could come in perfect handy if you want to buy a new lipstick, but it's a little pricy. You could just blend the colours that you have already to create a new shade. 

And lastly, here is something which has been anticipated for four years! The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London! Living close to London, the Olympics is definitely not looking so hot right now, especially with all of the terrorist threats and tube disruptions. However, I am really excited to see what Great Britain does for the opening ceremony,  particularly when the Beijing ceremony was so incredible! I will keep you updated on what I thought to the opening ceremony later in the week. 

Have a great weekend!
Jenny xx