Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Work Experience

This year, at the school which I attend, we had he chance to go on a work placement, therefore being allowed off school in order to gain 'work experience'. I chose to do my work experience in a formal and fancy dress shop situated close to wear I live.

Can i just say, to anyone considering doing work experience, it has been very valuable to me. Doing my work experiance at this shop has really taught me that (a) i never wish to work in a shop- there is a heck of a lot of pressing of endless amounts of ties, waistcoats and cravats, and  (b) to work really hard and pursue what i really want to be. Some of the other employees have told me about what they wanted to be, and i think that i will try my best to achieve my dream; my career aspirations are currently at freelance fashion journalist, and author.

I know in our lives we all go through endless'dream jobs', and we will change our minds depending on the opportunities that present themselves to us, however gaining some experiance in a place of work is a great first step. It also looks pretty great to future employers if it's on your CV, as well!

If having some work experience is on your agenda this summer, I wish you a hearty good luck- you'll have a great time! Just take everything as a lesson, and you will learn and experience so much.

Jenny xx