Monday, 16 July 2012

Recent Reads; Book Reviews

Hey guys! Today, I thought that I would review a few books that I have read in the past few weeks. Here they are;

Divergent and Insurgent, by Veronica Roth are in a trilogy(the third book is still unwritten) which I love. I read these books within a few days of having them, I couldn't put them down! The story tells us the initiation process into a 'dauntless' group in society through the eyes of Beatrice Prior. I like that the book is written in present tense, first person view of the protagonist. It really made me feel like I was her, and it was happening to me. I also liked the originality of storyline, and the love interest between her and another character. Insurgent is a great sequel, but a lot more blood-thirsty than Divergent. The twists in the plot were really unexpected and it's safe to say that I loved these books. I also love the fact that the cover is holographic. My amazing new camera(!) picked up on the rainbow that the holographic cover created.

Delirium was interesting. The book is about a society that is sure that love is a disease, and put everyone though a procedure once they're 18, to remove the capacity to love. Obviously, the main girl has to go and fall inlove just weeks before her operation- thus the main plotline. Lauren Oliver, the author, did a great job creating the feeling that love is a disease, and to be honest, if i was in that society then I would believe it too. However, I was really dissapointed with how this book ended. I dont want to give too much away, but it was a shock, and I am not sure whether I will enjoy the sequel not that this development has taken place. All in all a great book though, I do reccomend.

If I'm being totally honest, Eve, by Anna Carey, was a major disappointment. After reading so many positive reviews of the book, I decided to get it for myself, but my view of it really doesn't match other reviews that I have read. For me, although the storyline was good, the characters developed too fast, and there was little explanation for changes in the scenery or plot. The plot itself is similar to that of The Handmaids Tale, and follows Eve as she escapes from her school after she learns that it's sole purpose is to raise women to reproduce and create a population after a mass death. This book just really didn't click for me.

The Maze Runner was a good read. It was such a crazy scenario that it really shocked me when i realized that i had started  to believe the story. Basically, boys had been stuck on the inside of a maze for 2 years, trying to get out. Then Thomas arrives, and their entire existaence is threatened. I dont want to guive too much away, buit this book had me on edge, and wanting to turn each page before i'd even read it, in order to find out what was happening. There is also a suprise on thevery last page which really shocked mje, and sets you up for the sequels, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure. good job James Dashner!

Lament by Maggie Steifvater was alright. I think that i wasso excited to read this, and i got really dissapointed when it didn't quite meet my expectations. I really enjoyed one of her other series': The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, Shiver, Linger and Forever, and i was hoping these books would be just as good. The book is about a girl who attracts faeries aand falls in love with one. There are a few twists, but basically- the plot was boring. I wanted more. I wanted development, not just a story. I also own the sequel to this book, named Ballad. I havent read it yet- but i will. I just hope it is better than Lament.

If you do happen to read any of these books which I have reviewed, make sure to leave me a comment telling me if you enjoyed them or not. I would love to know. (photos werre taken by moi)

Jenny xx