Friday, 18 January 2013

How To; Galaxy Nails

Today is a  very exciting day- it might snow! I know that it is a common perception that every Christmas in England is a snowy white one, but I have only had one white Christmas in my life. However, it looks like it's going to be a snowy January 18th, so I'll keep you posted on that. Also, check out this girl on YouTube- she has only just started making songs, but is just fifteen, and really good.

Random fact; I love the stars. It makes me really sad that city and town lights block out the lights of the stars, so you can't see them shine. I recently saw a picture of 'galaxy' style nails, and immediately started trying to re-create them. Here is my tutorial of how I did it.
The final product

To get galaxy nails, I painted a base and then added to it layer by layer of colour, with a dry, clean sponge(make-up, or cleaning).
1.  Paint your nails with a base coat. 
2. Paint two coats of your favourite deep navy or black polish. I used a navy creme colour, but a shimmer navy would look gorgeous too. 
3. Dab a thin, random pattern of white polish over the top of the blue.
4.  Dab light pink over the blue and white.
5. Dab a layer of shimmer purple polish down the center of the nail.
6. Lastly, dab some silver glitter all over the nail, to recreate the millions of stars in the sky.
Finish with a  super shiny top coat.

I was feeling very lazy when I pained this nail, so I only did one; my index finger on each hand. I painted the rest of my nails with a bright candy pink colour, which really complemented the slight pink swirl on the starry nail.
Would you try astronomy nails?
Jennifer xx