Monday, 21 January 2013

DIY Brush Holder

After purchasing a few more brushes recently(blog post coming soon), I have come to realise that they don't actually fit in my current brush holder. So, what else could I do but make a new one?

I started with some paper, my brushes, some scissors, sellotape, and an empty tub. My tub is a quicky finished White Hot Chocolate tub from Whittards, but you can use a different size tub according to how many brushes it will be holding.

To start, I cut a srtip of my 'base' paper t fir the tub,and wrapped it round, securing with sellotape(you will be covering it, so he sellotape doesn't really matter).
The finishes result! On to the next step:

Next measure out the the top layer to cover the tub. Be super careful with this because it will show when you glue it on. I folded over the top of my paper, just to create a cute little trim!

Here is the finished product.

I put stones(the kind that go in the bottom of flower vases) in the tub to hold the brushes upright. The stones are quite big, so I think that I will be on the lookout for  some smaller ones.

Here is the finished product! I made a smaller one for my eye brushes(not pictured), keeping up with the spotty theme. 

How do you hold your brushes?
Jennifer xx

Sorry that some of my brushes were looking a bit dirty. I have a cleaning my brushes post coming up soon!