Sunday, 27 January 2013

Managing My Workload

Hey guys, this is a sad post, I'm afraid. I have barely any free time on my hands at the moment, and I have a feeling that in a couple of months, I will have even less. I am always studying and working, and it is sad to say that my blog is the thing that's getting neglected. However much I don't want this to happen, I know that I am not getting any sort of financial gain from this blog, or even that it is helping my studies.

This does not mean that I am going to stop blogging  by any means. I am simply going to work very hard at writing multiple blog posts at one time so that I'm able to publish them on a schedule. also, I am going to be dropping the amount of posts that I write down to about one-two a week. I know that this sounds really pitiful and like I'm not really trying, but this is the only solution that I could think of which enabled me to keep my blog.

I hope that you guys are OK with this, I just don't have the time to keep posting everyday, and for that I'm sorry.
Jennifer xx