Monday, 3 September 2012

Hottest Athletes 2012

How did everyone enjoy the London Olympics?
Being on holiday for most of it, I only managed to watch a couple of hours of it with foreign commentating. However, the few events that I did watch were mostly spent oogling at the fittest athletes my sister and I could see. Hot bodies and incredible athletic talent, what more could you want? Appreciating the exellence, i like to call it... Here are the best we could find:

Pascal Behrenbruch, a decathlon competitor for Germany looks pretty fine in his competing get-up. 

Diving superstar and competitor for Team GB, Tom Daley is among the best looking of his field. Also, his teeth are just perfect, aren't they? And those Speedos...

 Kevin Mayer, of France. this decathlon athlete didn't place this year, but definitely gets commended by us for his good looks!

And lastly, American swimmer Ryan Lochte looks super fit in his speedos. His face is too cute!

ahhh, soo sweet!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the Olympics as much as I certainly have! ahaa

Jenny xx