Friday, 28 September 2012

Looking Good For Charity

Hey guys, so guess what i purchased the other day? A lipbalm which makes your lips look (and smell) nice and helps promote good causes!

So, i got the 'Body Shop Foundation' charity lip balm. It smells soooo good! It is supposed to smell like dragon-fruit, but i wouldn't have guessed it; it just smells really fruity and fresh. Whenever I get it out all of my friends demand to smell it- it's actually pretty funny. this is what a dragon-fruit looks like, in case you were wondering. They can be pink or white on the inside and have lots of edible tiny black seeds, kind of like a kiwi. And the best part? They have pink skin! How cute!

So, I hear you ask, how does this luscious smelling lip balm benefit anything other than my lips? Well, when i bought this lip balm they presented my with a little green token which i could put in a charity box. these charity boxes are near the till at the body shop, and there are three, each supporting a different cause. One was to help stop bulling in school, another was to stop animal testing and the third was for an organisation which helped to restore peace and give food and protection to poor, vulnerable people in third world countries. Basically, when the lip balm is discontinued(which i imagine will be in a few months), the tokens in each box will be added up for every store in the world, and money will be donated according to the 'most popular' cause.

The lip balm did set me back £4, but I simply adore the Body Shop lip products as they make my lips feel so smooth and moisturized, and it was for charity. I put my token in the animal testing box because don't think that enough recognition is going towards that area, and it felt nice to contribute my vote.

I'm not saying that you should go and buy this product, but if you need a new lip balm this autumn, why not try and help someone in the process?

Jenny xx