Sunday, 23 September 2012

Get the Gossip; Cloudy Jello?, How to Remove Glitter Polish and more...

Hey guys, how are you all? For today's: Get the Gossip, I have some really cool things to share!

Check out this really cool fact picture thing about stardust- it made me smile!

So, second thing that I found was this awesome Sky-like Jelly which is blue with actual cloud shapes in it. this just looks so cool; I would LOVE to try and make this. although, mine would probably turn out into an ugly grey mixture that fails to set! Please send me a picture if you try this, i really want to see how it works out!

The next thing that I discovered is some really useful advice on how to take off glittery nail varnish. Whenever I try and take it off all of the sparkle jest gets stuck on my fingertips for days! This article taught me to lay a piece of cotton wool soaked in nail varnish remover on your glittery nails, and cover each nail in a kitchen foil wrap. You leave this wrap on for about 7 minutes and just pull off the entire wrap along with the removed nail polish after the time is up. This little trick takes a little time, but you could do it in front of the TV or something; it really works.  

Next is a song which has been on replay on my iPod all week; I Would Do Anything For You, by foster the People.

and Lastly....
Don't you just love the power of nature? This unbelievable rock can be found in Michigan, and it's called 'Turnip Rock' and I just thinks it's spectacular! I would love to visit it!

I hope you enjoyed sharing my finds this week- leave me a comment if you've found anything fun this week!
Jenny xx