Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pastel Roses

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? Great? That's good

After seeing this photo of these adorable cakes, it reminded me immediately of this cute manicure picture that I had seen. I quickly found the manicure image that I was looking for, and the cakes match the manicure perfectly, don't you think? The colour palette and designs, especially of the roses, are practically the same.

I am planning on re-creating the nail look later on in the summer, because I think that it would look really pretty when it's sunny and we are all in our summer clothes! I also really want to try and ice some cupcakes like this, perhaps for my friends' birthday.

Any how, I'm sure it will take me ages to figure out how to do the nails and the cakes, but if I do manage it, I won't hesitate to show you guys a picture! likewise, if you have a go, please leave a picture in the comments, I would love to see it!
Have a fabby day,
Jenny xx