Sunday, 3 June 2012

Midweek Photography; Week 1

Hi everyone, how are you?

How would you feel about me maybe doing a weekly blog post on a specific day. I have seen them on other peoples blogs, and I definitely like the idea of someone going on my site just to look at a weekly column.

I really want to do this as a midweek thing, so I think that I will write a post to be uploaded every Thursday for you guys to see. And for those of you wondering why Thursday is my midweek, it's simple. There are seven days in a week, therefore three day before and after the fourth(middle) day. My week starts on a Monday, making that the 1st day, and Thursday the fourth.

So, that's put of the way, now onto topic. I think that I will write my weekly post about a picture that I have liked during the week. Or two. Yeah, that sounds alright. Ok, officially I am going to write a post to be uploaded every Thursday(except if I'm on holiday or anything like that), about my two favourite pictures of the week. Does that sound cool?

P.S, just on a side note, i thought i would mantion my best friend- as she has confessed that she is a dedicated reader of my blog, which is really nice of her! Thanks Leyan, love you ! xx

I think that I will start right now, actually.

Here is my photo roundup for this week. Don't you love the bubbles!? I do.

Jenny xxx