Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My 'To Read' Stash

Wow- I haven't written a book post in a while. Note to self: write more book posts! I have a confession- I have not read a book for fun in over a month! I have just not had any time, and my 'to read' pile has really been stacking up! These are the books that I have been meaning to read:

1. The Hobbit
I know, I have fallen for the craze. I just wanted to read this and see what all the hype was about. However, it is a very hard read considering it is meant for children(I have already read the first chapter!)

2. The Kill Order
I finished reading the Maze Runner series about six months ago now, and when I found out that the prequel, the Kill Order was being released, I got so excited. This is a Must-Read!

3. The Knife Of Never Letting Go
This books sounds very interesting(google it!), especially as I love dystopian novels! I am really excited to read this!

4. Atonement
I found this book on my sister's bookshelf, and immediately filed it away as a 'to read' book. I have wanted to watch the film for a while, too.

5. Finnikin Of The Rock
I bought this book ages ago after reading some really good reviews on it, and I still haven't read it(oops). I am looking forward to it, I need to read more fantasy novels.

5. Long After Midnight At The Nino Bien
I bought this book on a whim, and am yet to read it, but it looks interesting. I think that this is a romance book? I haven't read one of them in a while!

6. Is It Just Me?
What more can I say than Miranda Hart?

7. Occupied City
I only just found out that this book is actually part of a trilogy(Toyko Trilogy, and it is book number 2! I will be reading this as soon as I look up the synopsis of book one! It is all about the world ending in Tokyo, which Sounds interesting.

What books are you going to be reading soon?
Jenny xx