Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Black Hole Of The Internet

Let's talk about Tumbling. No, not the amazingly cool section of gymnastics routines that, if I attempted to recreate it, I would end up in A&E. Let's talk about Tumbling, the word I just made up that officially means 'browsing Tumblr' (yes, I am a secret genius). Tumblr, according to the oh-so-scientific Urban Dictionary is 'The end of your social life.' and it is 'Where all of the sleepless hipsters are'. I would like to say otherwise, but this definition is spot on.
Anyone who has or has previously had Tumblr will understand. Personally, I find myself getting into all of these social and media sites way before all of my friends even know what they are. To me, Tumblr is blogging for lazy people. It is similar to Twitter, as your feed it being constantly updated, but worse.
My discovery of Tumblr was no fault of my own; my older sister, in charge of the shared iTunes account back then (ahem. Three years ago,) downloaded apps such as instagram, Twitter, and you've guessed it: Tumblr, on to my little 2nd generation iPod touch. I quickly got myself an account, and never looked back? No. I swiftly realised that Tumblr, not to be stereotypical, is for emos and 'hipsters'. Hence, my account hasn't been touched in a long while. But during my short visit to the land of re-blogging and GIFs, I did notice some things that were not quite making sense to me.
Tumblr quotes: what's that about?
People posting GIFs of people getting it on. Get a virtual room.
Posting pictures of cuts, um WHY
People literally naked and intertwined. Who takes these pictures?!
Hipsters. Just hipsters. 
My name is Jennifer, and I am a surviving Tumblr user.
I you want to save yourself from falling into this vortex of doom(i.e hipsters and emos), then please don't get Tumblr.